Coaches of Color & Culture

We help break barriers, shape futures, and coach with a cultural edge.

Our Values


We are committed to finding evidence-based ways of improving coaching as a practice to benefit all, regardless of culture. Our focus is driven by our need to achieve the maximum positive effort for our community. We channel our energy and efforts to facilitate conversations and provide safe spaces for all communities to flourish. We believe that commitment is essential to building strong relationships that help us achieve meaningful outcomes.


Our coaches are committed to empowering each other and their clients to achieve their goals and to live fulfilling lives. We believe that empowerment is essential to building strong, resilient communities and creating positive social change.


We believe that everyone deserves to feel a sense of belonging and connection within their communities. Our coaches are committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces that aid in fostering a sense of belonging and community. We believe that belonging is essential to building healthy, thriving communities.

Our Programs

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Coach Education and Training programs

We provide evidence-based training programs to empower our coaches with emerging science and technology that is driving a larger impact in the coaching practice.

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Workshops and seminars

Our workshops and seminars are customized based on training needs and our commitment to growth. Members who attend report higher productivity, mindset shift, better self-care, and individual and team effectiveness.​

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Partnership and Alliance

We scout opportunities for coaches of color and culture to work with well-known organizations in the industry to help drive bigger impact and change in the space of coaching and training.


We Are Experts at Organizing Events That Drive Impacts

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Our Impact

Influencing how people, organizations, and movements think and act.

Join us to reshape the perception of change.

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