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A Vibrant Community for Change

At Coaches of Color and Culture, we believe in the collective power of shared experiences and the strength of a unified community. We understand the evolving landscape of coaching and the unique experiences coaches of color and culture bring to the table and we want to help you create those experiences.

Network with industry trailblazers in our Coaching Circles and benefit from our mentorship programs. Dive into our extensive Resource Hub with the latest research, tools, and continuous learning opportunities. It’s our way of letting you experience firsthand the power of unity, the richness of diverse perspectives, and the impact of targeted growth resources. Now is your golden opportunity if you’ve ever considered amplifying your coaching skills while embracing a community that truly understands and celebrates you.


We’re constantly creating programs and formulating best practices that can help you grow your coaching practice, leadership, and career skills.


Attend events, meet other coaches and leaders, and find the networks that can nourish and support your whole career.


Opportunity to get matched with a mentor coach in your industry. Available to students as well as up-and-coming coaching professionals.

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