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Our Story Started When the World Paused!

Our mission is to To empower coaches of color and cultures of diverse cultural backgrounds to achieve their full potential by providing culturally-responsive coaching and creating inclusive and equitable change in the world.

Coaches of Color and Culture hosts a consortium of BIPOC coaches that provide services ranging across many consulting and coaching niches. We as a community acknowledge coaching as a social process and an enabler for social change. We serve the BIPOC community and allies through coaching, consulting, and training.

We strive to

Make Coaching Accessible to All

Increase Diversity & Equity in Coaching

Increase the Awareness of Coaching in Communities

Support Communities Through Coaching, Training, and Consulting

About Us

Empowering coaches and consultants of every culture to reach their full potential.

Welcome to our community of Coaches of Color and Culture! We are a group of passionate and dedicated individuals who are committed to creating meaningful change in the coaching industry. Our goal is to promote diversity, equity, and belonging within the coaching field and to provide a platform for coaches of color and culture and allies to connect, learn, and grow.

We bring together coaches from diverse backgrounds and communities who are ready to embrace cultural diversity as a strength and leverage it in their coaching practice, engage in collaborative learning, and create inclusive and culturally responsive coaching environments that foster personal growth and success for all individuals.

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